Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker from the Bahá’í Faith

Baha’is are happy to teach the principles of our faith either through one-on-one conversations, by sharing our holy writings, or even to speak to your group as an invited guest.

Whether it’s just for a few friends at your home, a college classroom, or an auditorium, we’ll send a speaker your way who can give a talk to your specifications and save time for questions and answers as well.

While we can most readily abide requests from the greater Baltimore area, with time we can help locate a speaker no matter how far or remote your group may reside.

Please note that there is no fee required or requested and we do not ask for nor accept donations or contributions from groups requesting a speaker.

The more time you give us, the better able we are to serve your needs.

After you complete the form, someone will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and consult on any details.